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Walter has never seen the Forest up close. He’s heard the stories of course—of the Hazel Thicket, the First Holly, the Kind and Wicked Peoples. But he’s never seen a gnome, or an ogre, or a faun.

He doesn’t know there’s a fortress at the heart of the Forest, or that goblins once lived there and served the creature who built it: a creature from the Old Dark—the time before there was Christmas.

And he certainly doesn’t know the creature has returned.

Walter has his mind on other things. It’s his first Christmas season as page to the king, and his parents are so proud they've given him a sword of his own.

But no one could have guessed that Walter's new life would mean faerie councils or goblin bonfires or torch-lit battles in the snow. No one, that is, except maybe the king himself...

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"Misrule magic, Midwinter's magic... this is no ordinary day," says Darius Thorn to his grandson, Byron. "There's a magic in the air I've never felt or heard tell of... and a full moon to boot..."

And when the sign of an ancient prophecy suddenly appears, the people of Woody Deep discover how rare a day it really is. For Byron Thorn, it's the start of a quest that will lead him into friendship and danger, down dark tunnels and up windy heights, to wake a sleeping kingdom and find a forgotten king.

It's a world where humans live side by side with satyrs and centaurs, dwarves and dryads, giants and griffins and wolves. Together with his companions, Byron must find his way through one wild adventure after another to the lands beyond the mountains, helped by unexpected allies, harrowed by unrelenting enemies and guided by the clarion call of Silverlance ... .

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"You have achieved much, my dear findrel," the Lord of Fear says to Byron Thorn. "In restoring Silverlance you broke his last magic. The grip he had on the darkness has been loosened. Even the Master has stirred."

And when the prophecy of the Midwinter Star is fulfilled at last, Byron and his friends must undertake another adventure, a special task of great danger and purpose, set to them by Silverlance himself.

For Weg-Sign has been found in the forest of Faerwood. The Fell Clans are massing in the valley of Wodys Mara, and it is there that the Damarung will begin - the gathering of all the servants of the Shadowbreather into an army that none can oppose. Byron and his friends must find their way as prophecy unfolds around them, and the fate of all is decided in the shadow of the Haunted Mountain.

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Epic fantasy adventure for ages 10 and up.

Inspired by the Classics

The stories at Midwinter Media are inspired by the great classic fantasy authors, like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and George MacDonald to name a few. The theme of the hero's journey is central to the message of Midwinter Media, along with the aspiration to ultimate possibility, and the willingess to undertake struggle and navigate adversity to achieve something great. 

Good Clean Fun

These stories are trustworthy, wholesome and high minded in their themes and character portrayals. You'll get noble heroes and truly villainous villains. If you're looking for stories about teenagers going on 30, you're in the wrong place. The pressures of current social mores have no affect on Midwinter Media. My mission is to offer stories that are fun to read and good for the soul. 

About Midwinter Media

The Winter Solstice is a mythic event built right into the mechanics of the solar system. Every year we're reminded of the cycles of light and darkness that characterize human experience. Midwinter Media is dedicated to providing and promoting stories that illustrate the rising of new light out of the cold blank darkness of struggle, and the dedication of the individual to something bigger than one's self. Life itself is a quest, an adventure. My goal is to provide stories that help awaken that awareness, and kindle the bravery it takes to let that awareness lead in the pursuit of personal and cultural destiny.

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The green earth, say you? That is a mighty matter of legend, though you tread it under the light of day!

- Aragorn, Son of Arathorn

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