Two Great Fantasy Series You Can Read on Any Device 

Series One: Rise of the Shadowbreather

Book One: Silverlance

When the sign of an ancient prophecy suddenly appears, it spells trouble for Byron. Because it’s the start of a quest that will lead him into friendship and danger, down dark tunnels and up windy heights, to wake a sleeping kingdom and find a forgotten king.

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Silverlance takes place in a mythical world where humans live side by side with satyrs and centaurs, dwarves and dryads, giants and griffins and wolves. Together with his companions, Byron must find his way through one wild adventure after another to the lands beyond the mountains, helped by unexpected allies, harrowed by unrelenting enemies and guided by the clarion call of Silverlance … .


Book Two: Haunted Mountain

Haunted Mountain is the second kids' fantasy ebook in the Rise of the Shadowbreather series. Not even a year has passed since Byron's adventures in the quest to find Silverlance, the legendary king. Now, another great task is set before him because he must stop the Lord of Fear and restore the dwarf people to their legendary home in the mountain kingdom of Showd Mazark!

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In this exciting kids' fantasy ebook, the forgotten history of Byron's world is revealed. The great powers of old wake and move as the ancient conflict begins again.

Series Two: The Christmastide Adventures

Book One: Walter and the Winter Goblin

This kids’ fantasy adventure tells the story of Walter Podevin, page to Good King Wenceslas. Walter has never seen the Forest up close. He’s heard the stories of course—of the Hazel Thicket, the First Holly, the Kind and Wicked Peoples. But he’s never seen a gnome, or an ogre, or a faun.

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He doesn’t know there’s a fortress at the heart of the Forest, or that goblins once lived there and served the creature who built it: a creature from the Old Dark—the time before there was Christmas. And he certainly doesn’t know the creature has returned. Walter’s mind is on other things: his first Christmas season as page to the king, and the new sword his parents gave him for a present.

But Walter never guessed his new life would mean faerie councils or goblin bonfires or torch-lit battles in the snow. No one, that is, except maybe the king himself…


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