Haunted Mountain: Rise of the Shadowbreather Book 2

A kids’ fantasy ebook for ages 10+

Haunted Mountain: Rise of the Shadowbreather, book 2

Haunted Mountain is the second kids’ fantasy ebook in the Rise of the Shadowbreather series. Not even a year has passed since Byron’s adventures in the quest to find Silverlance, the legendary king. Now, another great task is set before him because he must stop the Lord of Fear and restore the dwarf people to their legendary home in the mountain kingdom of Showd Mazark!Kids' fantasy ebook - Haunted Mountain

In this exciting kids’ fantasy ebook, the forgotten history of Byron’s world is revealed. The great powers of old wake and move as the ancient conflict begins again.

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Great for teachers and homeschoolers

It’s great for teachers and homeschoolers because it’s fun to read and sets the stage for lessons about classical mythology and imaginative fiction writing.

Parents will love it!

Haunted Mountain has the same fun, engaging style as Silverlance. In addition it has clear descriptive writing and strong female characters. The plot is easy to follow yet still gripping with thrilling adventures at every turn.

A fantasy fan’s fantasy

Haunted Mountain has everything you’ve come to love about fantasy story telling, including:

  • A large, diverse cast of characters
  • A broad range of peoples and cultures
  • Deep backstory with historical references

Haunted Mountain has all the twists and turns you could want, with unexpected character developments, in addition to a host of classical creatures like:

  • Centaurs and griffins
  • Giants and gnomes
  • Dragons and dryads and dwarves

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