Silverlance: Rise of the Shadowbreather Book 1

A kids’ online fantasy book for ages 10+

Silverlance: Rise of the Shadowbreather, book 1

Silverlance is a kids’ online fantasy book that tells the story of Byron Thorn. When the sign of an ancient prophecy suddenly appears, it spells trouble for Byron. Because it’s the start of a quest that will lead him into friendship and danger, down dark tunnels and up windy heights, to wake a sleeping kingdom and find a forgotten king.

A kids' online fantasy book - Silverlance

Silverlance takes place in a mythical world where humans live side by side with satyrs and centaurs, dwarves and dryads, giants and griffins and wolves. Together with his companions, Byron must find his way through one wild adventure after another to the lands beyond the mountains, helped by unexpected allies, harrowed by unrelenting enemies and guided by the clarion call of Silverlance … .

Great for teachers and homeschoolers

Teachers and homeschoolers will love Rise of the Shadowbreather because it’s fun to read and sets the stage for lessons about classical mythology and imaginative fiction writing.

Parents will love it!

Silverlance is a fun, engaging kids’ online fantasy book with clear descriptive writing. The plot is good clean fun, gripping, and easy to follow with strong female characters. Best of all, you can start reading it right now, because it’s available online for free!

High fantasy fans take note!

Because Silverlance is brimming with all the elements you’ve come to love about fantasy novels:

  • A broad range of characters
  • A story that spans time and places
  • References to a deep backstory

It’s filled with twists and turns and unexpected character developments. In addition, it happens in a mythical country populated by classical creatures like:

  • Centaurs and Satyrs
  • Dryads and Griffins
  • Minotaurs, Giants and Dragons

Read Silverlance for free!

There’s plenty of free stuff to get you started online. In addition, you can buy Silverlance in hardcover or a selection of digital formats.

Start reading Silverlance free right now!

Buy Silverlance.

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