Rise of the Shadowbreather Glossary

The People, place and mythical creatures in Rise of the Shadowbreather.

Glossary of terms

This is a list of the people, places, and mythical creatures found in Silverlance: Rise of the Shadowbreather book one, and Haunted Mountain: Rise of the Shadowbreather book two. It will be updated as new books are published in the series.


The characters in the Rise of the Shadowbreather series represent the diversity of the creatures living in the country where the story takes place. Some are classic mythical creatures, others human, some familiar animals. Many are unique to the story, or based on mythical creatures from classical literature.

Arden (human). Poet to the Woodland King.
Baruwan (centaur). Tribesman of the wild Hesbáni of the north.
Belden (human). Woodland King; ruler of Woody Deep.
Blacksmith, The (dwarf). Son of the Bridge; resident of Wodys Mara loyal to the Unicorn.
Borántu (dragon). Also called the Shadowbreather; ancient oppressor of the free peoples of Everándon.
Budge (dwarf). Resident of the valley of Wodys Mara.
Byron Thorn (satyr). One of the Wanderers.
Cardinal (bird). Familiar to Shilo Prinder. (A familiar is an animal that helps a user of magic work his or her craft. In the case of a Warra priestess, the familiar helps the individual discover her power.)
Cryolar (griffin). Servant of the Unicorn; former captain of the griffin queen’s guard.
Darius Thorn (satyr). Byron’s grandfather.
Darakûn (Firewarden). Chief of the Firewardens.
Dindra Thundershod (centaur). One of the Wanderers.
Dornthelf (dwarf). Nosh’s uncle; brother to King Thrudnelf.
Dur (dwarves). Ancient tribe of dwarves who lived in Wodys Mara.
Durmidere Reed, Sir (human). Captain of the Woodland Knights.
Earthwielder (dwarf). God-like figure from dwarf mythology; gave to the dwarves the Hammer of Making.
Edgar Burcatcher (satyr). One of Byron’s childhood enemies.
Eméndurin (dwarf). Chief of the Dur; first to wield Harkatan; first king of the dwarves.
Evendine (giant). Queen of the giants.
Fidelia Prinder (human). Shilo’s mother.
Filo Prinder (human). Shilo’s father.
Firedrakes. Special order of servants to the Unicorn; active during the time of Borántu.
Garrowthelf (dwarf). Also called the Suicide King; last king to rule the dwarves from Showd Mazark.
Gensha (dwarf). Son of the Bear, resident of Wodys Mara.
Gretchen Burcatcher (satyr). One of Byron’s childhood enemies; older sister of Edgar.
Grudner (giant). Crown prince of the giants.
Grudnevar (giant). King of the giants.
Hesbáni Centaurs. Tribe of wilderness centaurs to which Baruwan belongs.
Hixima (human). A Warra priestess. Ixion (centaur). Chief of the Hesbáni centaurs.
Jevén O’Thebramble (dryad). Scout; cousin to Rufus and Raefer.
Jolik Burrow (satyr). One of Byron’s childhood friends.
Jyro (owl). Member of the Faerwood owls; guided the Wanderers on part of their journey to follow the Midwinter star. (See Silverlance).
Lady Veronica (unknown species). Fell chieftain.
Lotanda (dwarf). Daughter of the Bridge; granddaughter of the blacksmith; resident of Wodys Mara.
Lotigrund (giant). First true giant king; ancestor of King Grudnevar and Prince Grudner.
Lucia (bear). Inhabitant of Hiding Wood; unflinching follower of the Unicorn.
Lucrece (taxim). Forced from her home in the woods of Farnan to serve in Wytherban’s Lychgate.
Lukos (wolf). King of the Western Wolves; alpha of the Unseen Pack.
Lyr (dwarf). Queen of the dwarves; Nosh’s mother.
Manakar (bear). Inhabitant of Hiding Wood; unflinching follower of the Unicorn.
Milo Prinder (human). Shilo’s grandfather.
Mirnle Mushrump (gnome). Daughter of a Tarantene warrior; given as tribute to Wytherban by the king of the gnomes.
Miroaster (human). Servant of the Unicorn; also called the Lore Tracker, the Weg Hunter, and Wildwearer.
Mr. Howe (dwarf). Master war engineer for the house of the Arch.
Nosh (dwarf). One of the Wanderers; crown prince of the Dwarves.
Nornatheld (dwarf). Queen of Valleygate; first dwarf to rule from Valleygate after the fall of Showd Mazark.
Palter Thundershod (centaur). Chief at arms to the Woodland King.
Peter Oatencake (human). Escorted the Wanderers through the temple of Qualnachnabard on their journey to follow the Midwinter Star. (See Silverlance)
Quill (griffin). One of the Wanderers; crown princess of the Griffins.
Raefer Nimbletwig (dryad). One of the Wanderers.
Rendegard (dwarf). Queen of Valleygate; daughter of Garrowthelf; first queen of the line of the Hammer to rule from Valleygate.
Resh O’Thebramble (dryad). Scout; cousin to Rufus and Raefer.
Rifkin Nimbletwig (dryad). Scout captain; older brother of Rufus and Raefer.
Rufus Nimbletwig (dryad). One of the Wanderers; Raefer’s older brother.
Shambler, The (troll/hoblin cross). Fell chieftain.
Shegwin Reed (human). Son of Sir Durmidere; one of Byron’s childhood friends.
Shilo Prinder (human). One of the Wanderers.
Sons of the Hammer (dwarves). True to the ancient house of dwarf sovereigns.Spider King (weg). Also called Arachnamancer; greater Weg.
Tarantene (gnome). Famous for ferocity, tenacity, and cunning; often wears blue paint on its face.
Tharrowfend (dwarf). Also called the Firehound; a king of Valleygate; remembered for his obsession with finding the Balefire.
Thrudnelf (dwarf). King of the dwarves; Nosh’s father.
Thrym (dwarf). Cousin to Thrudnelf; exiled general of Thrudnelf’s army.
Thúmose (unicorn). High king of Everándon; also called Silverlance and the Spiralhorn.
Ulwyn Garnet (human). One of Byron’s childhood enemies.
Verdandi (dwarf). Nosh’s aunt; princess; sister to King Thrudnelf.
Wanderers. Group comprising Rufus and Raefer Nimbletwig, Shilo Prinder, Princess Quill of the griffins, Prince Nosh of the dwarves, Dindra Thundershod, and Byron Thorn. They traveled east in search of Silverlance. (For an account of this journey see Silverlance.)
Whispermere. Mysterious lore master in the Crestfall Mountains; keeper and dispenser of historical knowledge.
Weej Mushrump (gnome). Son of a Tarantene warrior; given as tribute to Wytherban by the king of the gnomes.
Weln (griffin). Also called Weln Six-pinion; primordial queen of the griffins.
Wytherban (Weg). Also called Lord of Fear; greater Weg, right hand of Borántu.


This list will expand as Byron and his friends explore more of the country where the action of the story takes place.

Bilérica. Home of Hixima in the wooded hills north and east of Rathrâgodrak (see map in Silverlance hardcover edition).
Dragon Mountains. Mountain range encircling the country of Everándon (see map in Silverlance hardcover edition).
Dûm Helnath (Helmet of Stone or Stonehelm). Tall hill at the north end of the valley of Wodys Mara.
Ghostwood. A vast oak forest; home of Rufus and Raefer; north and west of Rathrâgodrak.
Griffin Stair. A pass across the Crestfall Mountains; guarded by the griffins.
Hiding Wood. Seat of the Woodland King; home of Byron, Dindra, and Shilo; in the western forest north and west of Rathrâgodrak.
Hill of Wold. Tallest of the Tartoom Hills; mustering place for the army of the dwarven king.
Hollengart. City of the giants.
Jargadda. Place of afterlife, according to dwarven lore.
Mountain’s End. Phrase referring to the locality at the southern extreme of the Crestfall Mountains.
Mote Stone Glen. Place of meeting for the dwarves of Wodys Mara.
Necrotoriae. Chambers of the Dead; resting place of Wytherban’s wülken army.
Qualnáchnabard. Temple of Borántu; located on the east coast of Everándon
Ratheméndurin (Mountain of the King). Located on the south end of the valley of Wodys Mara; location of Showd Mazark.
Rathpálamar(Haunted Mountain). Name given to Ratheméndurin after the fall of Showd Mazark.
Rathrâgodrak. The Old Peak; visible from anywhere in Everándon; seat of the Balefire.
Showd Mazark (Hearth of the Dwarves or Dwarvenhearth). Ancestral city of the dwarves; located in Ratheméndurin at the southern extreme of the Crestfall Mountains.
Sogfarrow. Slave depot, mercenary outpost, and hideout for fugitives; located on the eastern slopes of the Crestfall Mountains, south of Rathrâgodrak.
Tartoom Hills. Foothills of the Crestfall range; south and west of Rathrâgodrak.
Valleygate. Hall of the dwarven king; located in the Crestfall Mountains north of Rathrágodrak.
Winsted Field. Open space in front of the gates of Showd Mazark.
Winsted River. The river flowing between the gates of Showd Mazark and the Winsted Field.
Wodys Mara (Wooded Valley). Located at the southern end of the Crestfall Mountain range; also referred to as Mountain’s End.



A short summary of the mythical creatures found in the series, especially in book 2. Many of these are classic mythical creatures. Many are unique to the Rise of the Shadowbreather series. Some of the mythical creatures on this list are adapted from classical mythology and folklore.

One interesting aspect of the series is that the mythical creatures found in the stories are actually mythical creatures to each other. So you have mythical creatures discovering mythical creatures from their own legends and stories.

Bugbear. Four to five feet tall; squat, hairy, yellow eyes and pointed teeth; crude, violent, blood-thirsty, unruly, ill- equipped and unconcerned.
Centaur. Body of a horse with the torso, arms, and head of a human.
Dryad. Human-like; fine, leafy vines in its hair and on its skin; various shades of skin and eyes; changes coloring with the seasons.
Dwarf. Naturally subterranean but also dwells in surface caves or houses; four to five feet tall; powerful, tough, fierce.
Ettin. Two-headed giant (see giant).
Fellsman. Used universally to describe a member of any of the various Fell Clans, but especially kobbelds, hoblins, bugbears, ogres, and trolls.
Findrel. Old word for centaur or satyr or both.
Firewardens. Keepers of the Balefire.
Giant. Twelve to fifteen feet tall; resembles large human.
Gixxen. Naturally solitary; various sizes and shapes; has huge, toothy mouth and great, sickle-like blades for hands.
Gnome. Naturally subterranean; three to four feet tall; resembles miniature human with huge black eyes and large pointed ears; wiry and very strong for its size.
Griffin. Front legs, chest, head, and wings of an eagle; rear legs and tail of a lion.
Grunk. Larger and stronger than a troll, slow-moving, good natured. (Mythical creatures unique to the series.)
Hydra. Dragon-like monster with many heads that grow back when severed.
Hoblin. Five to six feet tall; overlarge mouth, small eyes, dark, bumpy skin; more ordered and better equipped than bugbears, still crude and chaotic next to kobbelds.
Host of Jargadda (dwarves). Also called the Jargadene. Legendary army of fallen dwarves who dwell in Jargadda, the place of afterlife according to dwarven lore.
Kobbeld. Naturally subterranean; three to four feet tall; sharp, bat-like face, tough skin; industrious, organized, well equipped.
Nester. Naturally solitary; about five feet high when standing upright; bristly skin, long arms, and short legs.
Ogre. Ten to twelve feet tall, like a smaller, cruder giant; similar to a hoblin in intelligence, industry, and organization.
Satyr. Hind legs, tail, and horns of a goat; torso, arms, and head of a human.
Skave. Solitary or found in small groups; seven to eight feet tall, very thin, huge eyes, tentacle-like arms with hooks on the ends.
Taxim. Extremely rare; typically dwells in groups of three to five; found on old battlefields or places of killing where it claims and defends the remains of the fallen; small, wirey, alert; the taxim never sleeps.
Troll (various). Eight to ten feet tall; broad and squat, hide of various colors and texture; similar to bugbears in intelligence, industry, and organization.
Umpershunt. Naturally solitary; five feet tall, four feet wide; six arms and huge pincers extending from the corners of its jaws.
Weg. Any of the most powerful servants of Borántu.
Wight (various). Naturally solitary and extremely territorial; five to six feet tall; vaguely human in appearance; dark eyes and very pale skin; extremely violent at all times.
Wülken. Quickened dead warriors of Wytherban; roused to service by the power of the lychgate.
Yeehanog. Demon of Light. No accurate description has ever been made. Origin and habits unknown. Able to smell its enemies and is especially dangerous to enemies of the unicorn.


Miscellaneous Terms

In addition to the people, places and mythical creatures found in the series:

Balefire. Ancient flame that burned atop Rathrâgodrak in the days before Borántu’s reign. It was the center and anchor of the budding magic of Everándon and served as the boundary (if you could see it, you were in Everándon); vanished from the mountaintop around the same time that Silverlance and Borántu disappeared and Showd Mazark fell to the forces of the Wegs.
Damarung. The gathering together by Wytherban of all the servants of Borántu.
Harkatan (hammer). Literally, Fist of the Maker; the Hammer of Making; symbol of dwarf sovereignty.
Lychgate. Engine of the wegs; used to quicken the dead into the service of evil.
Marmaros (sword). Carried by Miroaster; the name means ghost moon.
Warra. The power of the Balefire, characterized by devotion to life and healing.
Wegga. Also called UnMagic, the power of Borántu and his minions; characterized by devotion to death and despair.
Wülkánathross. Literally grim haunting; the Feast of Borántu.

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