Rise of the Shadowbreather

Kids’ fantasy ebooks for ages 10+

Rise of the Shadowbreather kids’ fantasy ebooks have action, magic, danger and discovery. The stories happen in a mythical country and follow the adventures of Byron Thorn. Byron and his friends undertake a quest to restore a forgotten king, and stop the rise of an ancient enemy.

Read these kids’ fantasy ebooks on any device

The ebook editions of this series are readable offline on any tablet, phone or desktop computer because you download them to your preferred device. Most importantly, you can start reading for free right now!

Kids’ fantasy ebooks great for teachers and homeschoolers

Rise of the Shadowbreather is great for teachers and homeschoolers because students will want to read it. Furthermore, it offers a segue into lessons about classical mythology and imaginative fiction writing. In addition, these stories explore important themes like:

  • Friendship
  • Self discover
  • Betrayal
  • Self reliance
  • The hero’s journey

Parents will like Rise of the Shadowbreather

Rise of the Shadowbreather has clear, descriptive writing, strong female characters, and an engaging plot that keeps young readers interested. In addition, each of the kids’ fantasy ebooks in the series can be downloaded to any device for easy offline reading.

For lovers of high fantasy

Rise of the Shadowbreather has everything a fantasy lover could want. These kids’ fantasy ebooks offer a long range adventure spanning many cultures and places, in addition to a deep backstory and historical references, twists and turns and unexpected character developments. Plus, the mythical country where it all happens is populated by time-honored creatures like:

  • Centaurs and Satyrs
  • Dryads and Griffins
  • Minotaurs, Giants and Dragons

In addition, there’s a whole range of creatures unique to the story. Check out the growing glossary ¬†of terms to learn more.

Best of all, there’s plenty of free stuff to get you started:

Silverlance: Rise of the Shadowbreather book 1

Haunted Mountain: Rise of the Shadowbreather book 2

Or you can purchase them in hardcover or other digital formats.

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